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Elevate Finance and Treasury with Intelligent Banking Automation

BankFabric is your strategic partner in enhancing your system with effortless banking automation. Our solution revolutionizes financial transactions by embedding directly into your ERP or treasury system, making user experience more intuitive than ever.

Secure Bank File Storage
Securely store banking files with BankFabric’s Azure-hosted solution, utilizing encrypted Azure blob storage available across any geo location or Azure replication.
Seamless Bank Communications
Facilitate smooth bank communications through BankFabric’s integrated SFTP support, allowing easy authentication via user passwords or SSH keys, coupled with the added security of PGP Sign/Encrypt functionality.
Efficiency Through Automation
BankFabric reimagines ERP efficiency through automation of key banking processes, ensuring reliable communications and effortless transactions. Bring your financial operations to a new level of productivity.

Connecting Banking Systems Worldwide

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